Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services

Frontier Metals provides daily quotations to purchase or sell products shipped in full container load quantities. The company has an extensive network of consumers across North America, Europe and Asia enabling the most competitive pricing.

Base metals prices have been volatile this past year, with changes in supply and demand triggering considerable price gains and falls, as have perceptions about the outlook for these metals. Frontier Metals uses a proprietary software to mitigate price risk allowing settlement on COMEX (traded months) and LME (spot and 3-month).

Frontier Metals an extensive network of carriers and drayage companies to assure customers of timely, economical and properly handled shipments. Strong relationships with steamship lines, NVOCCs and freight forwarders guarantees prompt and secure overseas deliveries.

Wholesale Secondary Metal Warehousing
The company warehouses truckload quantities of all non-ferrous secondary metals in ingot and sow form. The product is received in multiple grades and sorted, packaged, and staged for future shipments.

The importance of scrap metal disposal can easily be overlooked. Container function and transport for in-plant handling, staging, and shipping can contribute greatly to cost efficiency. Frontier Metals offers both industry standard and customized containers to meet your needs. Our recycling experience can also help you reduce variable labor and handling costs, maximize material flow and upgrade material value through optimum container use.