Wire and Cable Recycling

Wire and Cable Recycling

Communication Wire: Alpeth, Stalpeth and Jelly; Class 2, Class 53, Primary, Small Telephone/Teflon,Data Cable, Computer Wire, Coax, Figure 8, Heliax.

Electrical Wires: Power Cable, High Voltage, BX/Paper Mill Wire, Control, Harness Wire, Romex, Weatherproof.

Rubber Wires: Service/Extension Cords, Mine Cable

Aluminum Wires: ACSR, Underground-Regular, Underground- Copper Sheath, Underground- Core Rod, Entrance Cable, Aluminum Power Cable, CATV

Lead Cable: Pb Jacketed Communication Wire, Pb Jacketed Power Cable

Transformer Wire: Copper Transformer Wire, Aluminum Transformer Wire

Frontier Metals operates a full-scale chopping line in the United States including processing low recovery scrap wire and cable. Our chopping lines are capable of processing various cable types and ends with the paper, insulation, and non-metallic materials being separated from the non-ferrous items like copper and/or aluminum.